Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When it comes to working out,
I'm a homebody and a lone wolf

Why do I work out at home with DVDs instead of going to the gym?
   Simple – I can’t stand the idea of holding back because I’m self-conscious!
   I’m not against gyms at all. Many have top-notch equipment and offer excellent classes and training advice.
   And many people find a group atmosphere motivating when they’re working out.
   Not me. I’ve always preferred working out alone.
   While I exercise, I sweat profusely, I groan and I grunt. Sometimes I give myself a pep talk or talk to the trainer on the TV.
   By not worrying if someone will see my cherry-red face or the line of sweat that has formed at the back of my yoga pants, I can work out at my peak ability.
   I can lose my balance or miss a rep without feeling I’m being watched.
   I can tumble out of bed, throw on some workout clothes, put in a DVD and get working. There’s no fuss of getting a bag together or worrying if my hair looks right and if my workout clothes look slobby.
   With the great variety of workout DVDs I have at home, I can pick from dozens of different workouts, including cardio, weight training or ballet barre. I don’t have to wait for a specific class at a certain time.
   It’s not just a physical gym that I stay away from – it’s virtual ones as well.
   Beachbody’s “online super-gym” is promoted at the beginning of each of the company’s DVDs. Exercisers are encouraged to “log on now,” to see what Beachbody workouts others are doing.
   This idea absolutely mystifies me. I simply don’t find it motivating to know what workouts people are doing the same time I am. I’m accountable to myself only.
   There are also the DVDs that try to make me feel like I’m a gym with others.
   That’s the case of Beachbody’s TurboFire, an excellent cardio program on DVD led by trainer Chalene Johnson. The set is designed to look like a gym fitness class, with rows of exercisers facing Johnson.
   As much as I like TurboFire, I find it mystifying that the videos are promoted with the idea that the exerciser “has the best spot in class."
   I simply don’t need a communal cloak to motivate me.
   You won’t be seeing me at the local gym or a virtual one anytime soon – I’ll be sweating my heart out happily at home.

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