Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Beachbody® Chronicles: ChaLEAN Extreme® goes from slow to fast with Burn Intervals

The Burn Intervals workout of ChaLEAN Extreme® seems like the complete antithesis of everything Chalene Johnson teaches in her weight training program on DVD.
   All of the main workouts emphasize the slow, controlled lifting of heavy weights. The maximum number of repetitions done in a set ranges from eight to 12.
   Burn Intervals, on the other hand, has exercisers doing lots of reps with light weights as recovery intervals during cardio drills.
   Johnson says Burn Intervals has different purpose than the other workouts.
   While the slow lifting workouts are meant to build muscle and burn fat, the many reps with light weights in Burn Intervals are meant to build muscular endurance.
   It is a little confusing to the mind, what with Johnson going from telling you to “go heavy or go home,” and then suddenly to do a “bazillion bicep curls” with light weights.
   But it’s worth the shifting of gears because Burn Intervals is an excellent, challenging circuit training workout.
   Cardio drills lasting 1.5 to two minutes in length alternate with “recovery” sessions lasting 1.5 to 2.5 minutes of quick lifting of light weights (or a light resistance with a resistance band).
   “Jumping rope” is followed by bicep curls; speed-skating by overhead shoulder presses; bowling lunges by bent-over tricep extensions, and burpees by lateral raises.
   As always with Johnson’s workouts, excellent modifications for jumping and high-impact movements are shown.
   Burn Intervals is also where Johnson’s two trademark workout programs meet: Turbo Jam (and TurboFire) and ChaLEAN Extreme.
   Some of the cardio spurts are kickboxing drills that come right out of the Turbo Jam playbook.
   Those familiar with Turbo Jam will feel right at home, while those who haven’t tried it may be prompted to give it a whirl.

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