Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review of Trudie Styler's Pure Sculpt

Trudie Styler and her trainer, James D’Silva, get down to some serious toning of the abs, butt and arms on Pure Sculpt.
   Pure Sculpt is one of Styler’s series of workouts for Gaiam. On each of the DVDs, she and D’Silva exercise at theTuscan villa she owns with husband Sting.
   The setting is stunning and the music relaxing, but don’t let that fool you – this is a challenging workout that gets the body burning.
   Pure Sculpt is divided into seven 10-minute workout segments.
   The segments can be put all together for one comprehensive toning workout, or mixed-and-matched as needed one at a time. I like to tack on a couple of these segments after a cardio workout.
   The first segment is an excellent yoga-style warm-up that limbers up the core and legs for the work ahead with moves such as forward bends, downward dog and cat/cow stretch.
   The second and third segments are the two Core Conditioning routines.
   The first routine is a more “traditional” core workout, with crunches and bicycles. There are Pilates-style moves here too, such as keeping legs and/or arms off the ground and pulsing the arms.
   The second Core Conditioning routine is less traditional. Its core move is lifting the body off the floor from one side to another with one hand and leg. It’s powerful stuff.
   There are a lot of roll-ups, too, starting from lying on the ground on one’s back and rolling all the way forward over the legs. I am unable to do this unless I get some momentum going!
   The fourth and fifth segments of Pure Sculpt are the two Lower Body routines, which effectively target the butt.
   Routine 1 is done lying on one’s side, with the bottom leg forward and bent while the top leg engages in exercise moves. One is lifting the leg from a parallel position to the bottom leg to a perpendicular position and back, while another is making small circles with the top leg, again perpendicular to the bottom leg.
   Routine 2 of Lower Body starts with a person lying on their front on the floor, head resting on top of the hands. From here, the legs do small movements such as lifts upward and to the side.
   The second part of the routine is done on all fours. With arms and knees on the ground, moves such as leg lifts and pulses are done one leg at a time.
   The final segments of Pure Sculpt are the two Pure Arms routines.
   Since I get an effective upper-body workout by using ChaLEAN Extreme (click for the latest review of this program), I have not tried either of these routines, but they look as if they would be fun.
   With weighted gloves on their hands, Styler and D’Silva make flowing motions with their arms in different patterns, such as a flying or zig zags. It is almost like a dance routine, but without the lower body.
   There is no concluding stretch on the DVD, so I did my own.

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