Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My feet are smaller, and other
strange results from working out

In the past year, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon: My feet are smaller.
   I used to take a size 9½ or 10 in shoes, but now I take a 9. I also don’t need wide width shoes anymore.
   Why is this?
   I think it’s because my feet have toned up!
   It’s just one of the weird occurences I’ve witnessed with my body since I’ve been working out with DVDs at home.
   As could be expected with working out regularly, I have lost weight and toned up all over my body. Exercise has also been key in helping me maintain good blood sugar and cholesterol levels and an ideal blood pressure.
   While I am far from a perfect body or ideal weight, some of the best physical successes are:
   - My arms are much more muscular and smaller. Blouses that were tight around my arms are now loose.
   - My back, particularly the top between the shoulders, is much more toned – there is actually noticeable muscle definition!
   - My hamstrings are getting hard as a rock and my butt is lifted higher.

But some more unusual things have happened, like the smaller feet, that I never expected.
   Some may seem logical with weight loss and toning, but it didn’t really occur to me they could happen until they showed up.
   - My fingers are smaller, and my wedding rings fit looser. I no longer need to run water over the rings to get them off!
   - I have higher arches in my feet. While I never had a problem with “flat feet,” the arches I do have are much more defined and impressive. It’s a lot easier to walk in heels, too, because my feet are stronger. I credit barre workouts (click for reviews of the ones I use) with my better arches.
   - The area right under my kneecaps toned up. It’s surprising how much fat a person can carry there! Almost immediately after I started working out, the lumps of fat disappeared.
   - My armpits have lifted and become deeper. I don't know how else to describe it. This seems to have come along with my arms getting more muscular on the top and bottom. I credit the weight training program ChaLEAN Extreme with my nicer arms and armpits.
   - The lump of fat I had right under the back of my neck is gone, replaced by smooth muscle.
   - My facial features are more defined. I must admit, however, this is because I do a nightly facial workout (click for the review) that has lifted my cheeks and helped suck up some chin fat.

What is the moral of the story? Regular exercise, beyond its obvious benefits, holds a few pleasant surprises too.

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