Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Lean Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme is tough Continued . . .

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In the Lean Circuit 2 workout, exercises concentrate on working the shoulders. Because I have less-than-stellar strength in my back and shoulder muscles, I was often forced to choose lighter weights to do the required repetitions with good form.
   In the Lean Circuit 3 workout, exercises concentrate on working the chest muscles. I was able to choose heavier weights in this workout and still reach failure with good form.
   Here are some of the compound exercises that can be found in the Lean Circuit 2 and 3 workouts:
- Double arm row with single leg lift: With a resistance band around both ankles, an exerciser leans forward with a weight in each hand. Lifting up the weights in a row, one leg is lifted off the ground.
- Lateral raise with hamstring curl: With a resistance band around both ankles, an exerciser lifts weights out to the side while bending up one leg in a hamstring curl.
- Plank with a single arm row: An exercise that requires a lot of care. While holding the body in a plank position (the top position of a push-up), an exerciser lifts up one arm, weight in hand, in a row.
- Kneeling overhead press and crunch: On the knees on mat or towel, an exerciser lifts weights overhead, then brings them down and crunches over to work the abdominal muscles.
- Travelling push-ups: While doing push-ups, moving from side to side. I simply did push-ups in one place, on my knees, to modify this difficult exercise.
- Army crawl: An exercise that I was thrilled I could do without modification! Holding a forearm plank position, one knee is brought forward at a time.

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