Friday, February 25, 2011

Review of Personal Training with Jackie: Crunchless Xtreme Abs

The name of Jackie Warner’s workout DVD, Crunchless Xtreme Abs, is a bit of a misnomer.
   In my mind, a crunch when exercising is anytime you are on the floor and lift your upper body to the point your shoulders are off the ground.
   And there is plenty of that going on in this workout, believe me.
   It would be more accurate to call it Situpless Xtreme Abs, as this movement isn’t found on the DVD.
   Aside from labelling, I have absolutely no other complaints about this workout – it is fabulous.
   It got my abs burning, my heart pumping and the sweat pouring – and it was fun! I felt the work later, too – I told my husband it felt like my upper abs had been scraped against a cheese grater.
   The first of the two 15-minute routines on the DVD is standing ab work, a concept made famous by Shaun T in his Hip Hop Abs DVDs from Beachbody.
   There is a bit of a warm-up, but it is slight – you get right into working the core with movements such as lateral punches.
   Other moves in this section include lifting your legs up one at a time and bringing your straight arms down to meet them; bending over in a squat and alternately punching to the opposite foot; and squatting and rotating at the torso.
   Jackie uses weights in some of the exercises, but they can be done without just the same, and I found myself not using a weight a lot. The exercises were challenging enough on their own!
   The second 15-minute routine is the floor work, and it’s tough.
   Here you’ll find crunch action, including lying on one’s back, twisting the legs out, bringing them in and crunching the upper body to meet them; and doing a side plank and bringing the top knee up and crunching down the top elbow to meet it.
   The plank position (holding a push-up at the top) is used judiciously in this section, as it does wonders for working abs. In this position, several exercises are performed including twisting at the waist, lifting up one leg at a time and doing burpees (jumping up from plank than jumping back into it).
   There are plenty of good modifications shown in this section, so all the moves, though challenging, are definitely do-able.
   Both 15-minute sections have very short cooldowns. I did sections together, standing then floor, and then did my own stretch, as I do at the end of every workout.

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