Friday, February 18, 2011

Review of The Booty Barre from Tracey Mallett

Make way for a great new entry on the ballet barre workout scene.
   The The Booty Barre DVD, from fitness expert Tracey Mallett, is challenging, gets the heart pumping, and pays amazing attention to the lower body.
   The core of the workout is 32-minute routine that takes ballet as its main inspiration, although there a few moves that will be recognized by people who do Pure BarrePhysique 57 and other Lotte Berk Method-inspired workouts.
   Plies, arabesques, attitudes and grand battements are among the ballet moves found in the core routine, performed with the aid of a chair.
   Other moves include standing on tippy-toes and bending up and down; doing a squat then lifting the leg high out to the side; and facing the floor, head resting on the arms on the chair’s back and lifting the leg, in line with the rest of the body, in tiny pulses.
   It gets rather relentless after awhile (sweat was pouring down my face), but the workout still remains manageable to do.
   Mallett’s Booty Barre workout is an hour from start to finish.
   The first section of the workout is a terrific nine-minute warm-up that gets you ready for the action.
   Then comes a 10-minute arms section, which requires three- to five-pound hand weights and includes moves such as shoulder raises, flies and tricep dips.
   The final 12-minute section, following the core routine, targets abs and flexibility.
   This section includes push-ups, side plank, bicycle, and what I like to call “sinkhole ab work.” This is when a person sits on the floor, bends their knees, grasps under them and leans back. From this position, small pulses are done from the abdominal region.
   The workout finishes with an excellent five-minute stretch.
   Because I am now doing ChaLEAN Extreme, which does a terrific job of targeting arms and the upper body, I skipped the arm sculpting section of the DVD after the warm-up and went right to the super core lower-body routine.
   It targeted the butt, thighs, calves and even the core, as a pulled-in tummy and good posture is needed to perform the exercises well.

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