Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Beachbody® Chronicles: Feel like you're in a martial arts movie with Kenpo X from P90X®

“You’ll feel like you’re in a martial arts movie. It’s a lot of fun,” I promised my husband about Kenpo X, one of the 12 P90X® workout DVDs that I wanted him to do with me.
   After I showed him moves from the workout such as block-hammer and drag-claw-punch, he was sold.
   I did Kenpo X by myself for the first time on Friday. My husband joined me on Monday morning when we had the day off together.
   “As advertised?” I asked as we stretched afterwards.
   “Yes, that was awesome,” he said.
   That’s what I thought the first time I did it.
   Tony Horton, creator of P90X, promises at the Kenpo X intro that after you’re done the workout, you’ll feel like a million bucks.
And he’s right!
   I got a great cardio workout, and felt oddly refreshed afterwards. My husband felt the same way.
   Kenpo X is based on a type of martial arts called Kenpo karate, which is characterized by the use of quick movies in rapid-fire succession.
   Punches, kicks and blocks are at the core of the workout, served up in different varieties and combinations.
   Each combination begins slowly and begins to increase in speed. For added impact and motivation, some awesome yells are added in the last few reps of each combination.
   Between the two of us, my husband and I must have beat up at least 500 bad guys by the end of the hour-long workout.
   We could get some bad guys two at a time, such as a move where you knee one in the gut and get the other in the groin with a back kick.
   There were “breaks” during the workout, 1.5-minute sessions where you can get water and towel off, but quickly return for some high knees and jumping jacks before going back to beating people up.
   One part of the workout I skipped because it goes against all I have learned about exercising safely is the deep floor stretches that happen in the warm-up. I did the standing stretches that run for about five minutes at the very beginning of the workout, but skipped the five-minute section that follows where Tony and his crew hit the floor for deep yoga-style stretches that I did not feel my muscles were warm enough yet to do. On other workout DVDs, you are constantly being told deep stretches are only fit for the end of the workout when the muscles are nice and warm.
   There is another short but decent stretch at the end of Kenpo X that targets the back of the legs. My husband found these were enough for him.
   As I do with most workout DVDs, I also did my own series of stretches at the end of the workout.
   I’m looking forward to feeling like a million bucks again with Kenpo X.

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