Friday, February 4, 2011

The Beachbody® Chronicles: Facing Shaun T again in my second Insanity® workout

I’m apparently a sucker for punishment, because I decided to do an Insanity® workout again this morning.
   I did my first one two mornings ago, and thought it was one of the most horribly difficult workouts I’ve ever done. (Click for more about my first Insanity workout experience.)
   Having let my sore, damaged body repair itself with a day of rest, I decided I wanted to go back and try Insanity again.
   As I’ve said before on this blog, I like workouts that are challenging, and man, Insanity is off-the-charts challenging.
   I got mad that my first Insanity workout had managed to put such a dent into my body and mind, and I suddenly wanted to face down Insanity creator and host Shaun T again.
   My first workout was the 37-minute Pure Cardio, the core part of which is a 15-minute cardio section of ever-increasing speed with no breaks. Despite its short length, it was tough.
   This morning I gave Plyometric Cardio Circuit a stab. It’s a 40-minute workout, the core part of which is 20 minutes of cardio intervals (the nine-minute warm-up is nearly as crazy as the workout itself, however).
   There are two sets of three intervals each, with a 30-second water break between each interval.
   You are pushed by Shaun T to increase your speed in each interval, but constant on-screen text flashes caution you to stay at your own pace and not sacrifice form to speed up.
   That’s exactly what I did. It’s the only way I could get through the workout.
   I could keep up with some moves, such as basketball shots, but other moves I could only do at half the speed of Shaun T’s crew. That was certainly the case with “Level 1 drills,” which were essentially burpees with extra push-ups added.
   The first set of three intervals includes “suicide jumps” (short runs to either side then touching the ground), mountain climbers and power squats.
   The second set has the Level 1 drills, ab push-ups (swinging the legs to one side, landing, then back the middle and the other side) and runner’s push-ups. When I got tired, I held the plank position.
   I fared better this time around than in my first workout with Pure Cardio, partly because I am now a little more used to Insanity’s push-push-push mentality, and partly because there were short breaks present in the Plyometric Cardio Circuit that I did today.
   Next up on the Insanity list: Cardio Power and Resistance.

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