Friday, January 28, 2011

The Beachbody Chronicles®:
My jump into P90X® Plyometrics

“This is the X in P90X – the mother of all X workouts,” says Tony Horton at the beginning of Plyometrics, the jump-training workout of P90X®.
   Horton’s introduction made me feel awesome because I was able to do Plyometrics all the way through the first time I did it.
   If I could do the mother of all P90X workouts, surely the 10 I have left to try on DVD are doable, too.
   Plyometrics posed an immediate challenge to me because I don’t like to jump. But I know it makes for a terrific cardio workout, as it alternates from periods of intense exercise to short periods of rest.
  That's why I wanted to give Plyometrics a try, and I made it through by modifying the moves or doing them at a slower pace than the exercisers on the DVD.
   An example is the hilariously-named Mary Katherine lunges. With arms up in the air, forward lunges are alternated with a jump in between. I could do it, but had to do it at a slower pace. I didn’t want to sacrifice form to try and keep up.
   The only move I couldn’t do at all was hot foot – hopping on one foot for several seconds, than the other. I did the modification – a simple hop from one foot to another.
   The exercises in Plyometrics use up and down, lateral and forward and backward movements, and include jump squats, leap frog squats, airborne Heisman (jumping from one leg to another) and monster truck tires (jumping from one leg to another while moving forward.)
   There are a lot of fun moves in the workout, such as squat switch pickups, which make you feel like superhero ready to spring into action; rock star hops, in which you jump in the air and strum an air guitar; gap jumps, where you pretend to jump over a puddle; pitch and catch, mimicking a pitcher’s swing; and jump shots, as if you are making a shot at the hoop in basketball.
   Two P90X workouts tried – ten more to go.

My thoughts on P90X Core Synergistics

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Elizabeth Jarrard said...

Isn't it great!!! the mary katherine lunges really made me want to watch that movie! TOny's commentary makes the workouts. good luck!