Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Beachbody Chronicles®:
I did my first P90X® workout -- and lived!

I’m very proud to report I did my first P90X® workout yesterday morning and lived to tell the tale.
   I woke up feeling a bit nervous Wednesday morning, wondering if I’d be able to do the hour-long Core Synergistics, one of the 12 workouts in the P90X system on DVD.
   I was able to do it, and surprised myself at how well I actually did. I found it fun, innovative and nicely paced, and I’m looking forward to going back to it and trying the other P90X workouts.
   Don’t get the impression I whizzed through Core Synergistics without a drop of sweat, however.
   It was definitely challenging, and I did have to modify exercises at times.
   The goal of the Core Synergistics is to work multiple muscle groups, all while engaging the muscles of the core, which include abdominal and back muscles.
   I may have been prepared for the core-bending exercises in this workout from some of the other DVD workouts I’ve been doing, including Physique 57, Pure Barre, and Pilates. These workouts have ab sections that make your middle burn like you wouldn’t believe.
  ChaLEAN Extreme and other workouts prepared me for push-ups, which are plentiful in Core Synergistics. They’re so plentiful, in fact, that I have nicknamed this workout the “push-ups parade.”
   There are no less than five varieties of push-ups in the workout, at my count.
They include:
- Staggered hands push-ups: Done with one arm further in front than the other, and one leg balanced on top of the other
- Sphinx push-ups: These start in a sphinx pose from yoga
- Prison cell push-ups: Much like burpees
- Walking push-ups: In a plank position, walking on all fours forward and backward. I found this next to impossible, and so held a plank position while these were done.
- Reach high and under push-ups, which are essentially going from a push-up to a side plank position.

   Other exercises in the workout borrow from yoga and Pilates, including “Superman-banana.” Starting by lying on one’s front, the arms and legs are lifted into the air. On cue, a person turns over, keeping their arms, legs and head off the ground. On cue, a roll onto the front is done, and so on and so forth.
   Cardio holds its ground in the workout with such exercises as weighted lunges and squats.
   My early impressions of Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, are good. I found myself laughing at his jokes, and I like that he understands people may need to modify exercises to complete the workout.
   Forward I plunge with P90X – what workout will it be next?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy!

I just wanted to add a quick thought on the P90X series. Aside from being shown modified exercises, I like that Tony points out a number of things to do and not to do in terms of form throughout the videos. A lot of the classes I've attended in the past year haven't explained form to the same degree.