Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Beachbody® Chronicles:
Heat up your cardio workout with TurboFire®

So you’ve done Beachbody's Turbo Jam® to death – what’s next?
   It’s Turbo Jam 2.0 – the familiar moves are sped up considerably to get your heart pumping in overdrive.
   TurboFire is dubbed “Intense Cardio Conditioning.” It’s a very accurate description. The sweat will flow down your face and back while your heart beats in a happy frenzy.
   Chalene Johnson, the creator of Turbo Jam and TurboFire, is there to push you to an elite level of cardio conditioning in the workouts. In fact, there is a warning at the beginning of the workouts that they should only be attempted if you are in good physical shape.
   The short bursts of anaerobic activity dubbed “Turbo” sessions in Turbo Jam are called “fire drills” in TurboFire.
   Whether or not one of the TurboFire workout DVDs has the fire drills, and its length in minutes, determines its name.
   “Fire 30 Class,” for example, is 30 minutes long and contains fire drills.
   “Fire 55 EZ Class,” is 55 minutes long and does not have fire drills.
   Each Fire class has a relaxing, limb-loosening 10-minute stretch at the end.
   The accompanying guidebook has suggestions on when to do each Fire class, and how to intersperse them with HIIT classes.
   HIIT stands for high-instensity interval training, and it is essentially fire drills back-to-back with short rests in between. In the basic TurboFire kit, there is a “HIIT 15 Class” (15 minutes long), “HIIT 20” and “HIIT 25.”
   Exercisers are warned to never do two HIIT workouts two days in a row.
   Other workouts included in the TurboFire kit are Core 20, Stretch 40 and Sculpt 40.
   For those who are looking to put a whole lot more oomph in their cardio workouts, TurboFire is waiting.

Stay tuned to Fantastic Fitness DVDs for The Beachbody® Chronicles - a series of articles about the adventures my husband and I have using ChaLEAN Extreme®, TurboFire®, P90X® and Insanity®.
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