Friday, January 14, 2011

The Beachbody® Chronicles:
Getting sore over ChaLEAN Extreme®

My husband and I are taking turns having aching arms, thanks to Beachbody’s ChaLEAN Extreme®.
   One day, my triceps hurt, while my husband’s shoulders took a turn in the pain zone the next day.
   It’s not a “bad” pain – it’s the kind of soreness that gives us the satisfactory feeling we’ve done something good for ourselves.    Not only that, we’ve been seeing the muscles in our arms get more toned.
   My husband and I are currently plugging away at the three Burn phase workouts, the first phase in ChaLEAN Extreme, created by Chalene Johnson. The next phases are Push and Get Lean.
   In the Burn phase of ChaLEAN Extreme, the workouts are comprised of the slow lifting of weights or the stretching of a resistance band until the targeted muscle “fails” or reaches complete fatigue in 12 repetitions. (My husband and I are using Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells.)
   In Burn Circuit 2, the second workout in the Burn phase, rows take centre stage. Many of the exercises are comprised of lunging forward and either doing a row or deltoid raise, or leaning forward to do a deadlift and row.
   Burn Circuit 2 is also the home to the bowling ball squat and row, which gets a person’s butt burning. It is done by putting one leg behind as if you are about to throw a bowling ball, bending the knees and then pulling up a weight on the same side. Deadly!
   This workout is also the source of my tricep aches. It finishes with triple-threat push-ups, a group of three push-ups starting with tricep push-ups (arms closer together), a traditional push-up, and then a wide-legged push-up.
   Burn Circuit 3 gets to work on the shoulders, and was thus the source of my husband’s soreness in that area.
   Overhead presses, often combined with a squat or sumo squat, are repeatedly done.
   But the legs, and particularly the calves, get taken for a ride, too. There are many calve raises in the moves, such as holding heavy weights on your thighs, squatting down, then raising up on the toes.
   We’re going to keep tackling the Burn phase workouts, feeling the “pleasant” soreness as we go.

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