Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Beachbody® Chronicles:
Feeling the burn of ChaLEAN Extreme®

My husband and I are feeling the burn of ChaLEAN Extreme® as we sweat our way through the three Burn phase workouts.
   The Burn phase is the first of three in ChaLEAN Extreme – the other two are Push and Get Lean.
   ChaLEAN Extreme from Beachbody, created by Chalene Johnson, has a calendar detailing when to do the workouts of the three phases, and allots one month for each phase.
   Since I love variety in my workouts and like to change things up often, I’ve ignored this calendar. When I’ve done about 30 of the Burn phase workouts, I’ll move on to the Push phase.
   Burn Circuit 1, the first Burn phase workout, immediately plunges a person into the ChaLEAN Extreme method: Lifting heavy weights at a slow pace. In the Burn phase, exercisers are encouraged to choose weights (or adjust a resistance band) that allows them to reach complete muscle fatigue or “failure” by 10 to 12 repetitions of an exercise.
   In Burn Circuit 1, you’re doing some demanding moves right away, such as lying on the floor and doing a chest press while lowering your legs to the ground (works the abs), and, standing and holding a one weight in both hands, doing a lunge and twisting to one side.
   If you do the moves correctly and choose appropriate weights, as Johnson keeps saying, the workout will be challenging. She’s right: It’s surprising how much I sweat and how much my heart pounds.
   I have already seen results doing the Burn phase workouts: My arms and back are getting more defined, and I’ve seen some slimming in the waist area.
   Onward with Burn phase!

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