Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Beachbody® Chronicles:
Fail to win with ChaLEAN Extreme®

Chalene Johnson wants you to fail while doing her workout, ChaLEAN Extreme®.
   Honestly – she says the word failure constantly during the workouts!
   But, of course, the energetic and motivational creator of Turbo Jam® and TurboFire® wants you to fail to win.
   The focus of ChaLEAN Extreme is the slow lifting of heavy weights. You lift heavy weights (or use a resistance band) until your muscles reach full fatigue, or failure.
   In the Burn circuit phase of ChaLEAN Extreme, which my husband and I are doing now, you are encouraged to reach failure by 12 repetitions.
   That means, by the 12th rep, your mind and muscles are begging you to not do another repetition.
   You pick weights that you feel will get you to that point, and then get ready to lift slowly. As in very slowly – it will take a couple of minutes to get through 12 repetitions of each exercise.
   Your heart will pump nearly as hard as a cardio workout, you will breathe heavily, and the sweat will pour down the face and body.
   ChaLEAN Extreme forced me to throw out everything I thought I knew about weight training. There are no fast repetitions with light weights here.
   In fact, if you’re a fitness beginner who has barely picked up weights before, you’re at an advantage – ChaLEAN Extreme is designed with beginners in mind, and you’ll have no pre-conceived ideas of what weight training should be.

Stay tuned to Fantastic Fitness DVDs for The Beachbody® Chronicles – a series of articles about the adventures my husband and I have using ChaLEAN Extreme®, TurboFire®, P90X® and Insanity®.

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