Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review of Yoga Booty Ballet Master Series:
AM Latte and Goddess Abs

“Good morning, and welcome to your day,” says Teigh McDonough at the beginning of the Yoga Booty Ballet AM Latte routine.
   Her words are the bright and happy welcome to a light workout that gets the heart pumping a bit and the body limber before the day’s action begins.
   It’s a perfect routine for when you’re not in the mood to do a hard-core strength or cardio workout, but still want to wake up the heart and mind with some physical activity.
   The Yoga Booty Ballet exercise technique is the creation of Teigh and Gillian Marloth, and this routine employs the key parts of the technique – predictably yoga, dance and ballet.
   The 33-minute routine begins with about 15 minutes of opening meditations and breathing exercises – a great way to drag yourself from the shackles of sleep.
   Teigh and Gillian then move on to a funky little dance routine and some ballet moves – about 12 minutes worth.
   A series of yoga sun salutations, then a closing meditation, conclude the routine.
   “Bring goddess energy, empowerment and excitement to the rest of the day,” says Teigh encouragingly at the end.

Goddess Abs, the companion DVD to AM Latte in a two-disc set, is a compact, 20-minute workout that concentrates on the abdominal region.
   Teigh and Gillian use a small exercise ball during much of the routine, but it is not absolutely necessary to have one.
   The abs will certainly burn at times with this workout, but there are periods of relief, particularly when Teigh and Gillian change body positions to work the abs and core from a different direction.
   The routine starts with an exerciser sitting cross-legged on the floor, passing the exercise ball in front of the body, then twisting back, one side then the other, and touching the ball to the floor.
The longest part of the workout is done lying on the floor, and using the ball in various ways in combination with crunches.
   For example, with the ball placed under the knees, the lower body is lifted off the floor while the upper body does a crunching motion. The ball is then put between the knees, and is squeezed together each time the lower body comes off the ground.
   Another exercise is holding the legs straight, ball in between the thighs, and lowering the legs to a 45-degree angle off the floor and then lifting them straight up again.
   A closing meditation finishes the routine.

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