Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review of Element: Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners

When it comes to Pilates and yoga, I am definitely a beginner.
I find both those modes of exercise to be challenging to my body and mind.
   Thus, I’m a fan of a good beginner’s workout in both of those disciplines.
   Element: Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners is perfect for me: I find it demanding, though not impossible.
   Brooke Siler, who leads the workout, never stays in one exercise position for too long, ensuring that the muscle fatigue and burn doesn’t get too overwhelming.
   I love the 20-minute “Pilates-concious” cardio section that begins the complete 50-minute workout.
   It is a terrific way to wake up the body and mind and get the heart pumping for the mat section ahead.
   The cardio section begins with breathing exercises, arm circles and side reaches, and ends with challenging moves such as deep pliĆ©s, lunges, push-ups, side-angle pose and the elephant press (facing the mat, lifting up on the forearms and feet in a plank position, then lifting the butt up and back down to the plank position several times).
   Then it’s on to the 30-minute mat work section, where several classic Pilates exercises are found including the 100, pelvic lifts, rolling-like-a-ball, the seal, side kicks, the saw, the bicycle and leg beats.
   All of these exercises are challenging, but because workout’s pace is reasonable, I am able to keep up and do them all in proper form (though I need to modify some along the way.)
   The workout finishes with some push-ups.
   There was no final stretch, so I did my own.

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