Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review of Bob Harper Inside Out Method:
Pure Burn Super Strength

Thirty-five minutes into his Pure Burn Super Strength workout, The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper innocently announces it’s the halfway point.
   There’s no warning that those who stay on past this point will be physically punished more brutally than they were in the first half of the workout.
   It’s a perverse concept, getting it worse if you continue.
   But that’s when I found that the part deep inside of me that wants to conquer the world came out and I was able to finish the full 60-minute workout with pride in my heart.
   Pure Burn Super Strength is extremely challenging. I’m sure it would even give advanced exercisers a run for their money. Bob’s very fit-looking crew of two women and one man have sweat running down their bodies and they grunt their way through parts of the workout.
   Armed with a pair of hand weights, an exerciser moves through muscle-training moves such as bicep curls, overhead presses, rows, deadlifts, tricep extensions and chest presses. Weighted squats and lunges keep the heart rate elevated.
   There are few moves that don’t use weights, such as push-ups, forearm plank and crunches.
   And then there are some moves for which Bob’s crew use weights, but for the sake of actually getting through the workout, I dropped mine.
   The T-stand is an example of such a move. It’s a variation on side plank, with the body in push-up position and then twisting to one side and then the other, extending an arm into the sky. A push-up is done in between twists. It’s difficult enough without weights!
   I did what I needed to do to finish the workout in good form – modifying moves, pausing the DVD occasionally and dropping weights.
   Bob says at the beginning and end of the workout that it can be done every day. Not quite! I can only do it when I’ve had at least one day’s rest between workouts and lots of sleep. Otherwise, Pure Burn Super Strength will do nothing but frustrate and annoy.
   The DVD also has a 20-minute beginner’s segment that is a decent workout in its own right. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, lateral raises, push-ups and crunches are some of the moves in this segment.
   Even though Pure Burn Super Strength is maddeningly tough, it did bring out a part of me that I enjoy encountering – the part that rises and conquers a challenge.

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