Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review of Squeeze: 30-Day Body Transformation

Squeeze: 30-Day Body Transformation, a DVD from trainer Tracy Effinger, calls on you to methodically go from top to bottom on your body and squeeze each body part to tighten and tone.
   And it’s tough.
   I was sore for a couple of days after initially trying it, especially in the waist area, which Effinger concentrates on in one section of the workout by reaching down the body from side to side repeatedly with weights in hand.
   Actually, there are two workouts on the DVD: the 60-minute “Full-Body Squeeze” and the 30-minute “Power Squeeze.”
   Although you’ll be tortured for a full half-hour longer in the 60-minute workout, it is done at a slower pace, and so can be much more manageable, mentally and physically, than the 30-minute workout.
   The 30-minute workout also has an intensely difficult abdominal section. The ab section in the 60-minute workout is longer but less intense.
   Both workouts require light hand weights, and optionally, a small exercise ball.
   Like some other workout series I’ve written about on Fantastic Fitness DVDs, such as Core Fusion and Pure Barre, Squeeze extrapolates from an exercise technique called the Lotte Berk Method.
   Body parts are exercised with small, intense movements, and tucking the pelvis under and keeping good posture is important.
   Squeeze, like Core Fusion and Pure Barre, is very effective at lifting buns, slimming thighs, tightening abs and toning arms.
   Effinger wears sneakers during the workouts, which surprised me. On other Lotte Berk Method-based workout DVDs I own, the instructor and crew wear gripped socks or go barefoot.
   I went with bare feet, which I am used to now!
   The 60-minute “Full Body Squeeze” starts with a challenging arms section. I made the mistake of starting with heavier weights, and my arms were killing me very quickly. Light weights, from one to three pounds, are best for this opening section.
   After the opening arms routine, the sections that follow concentrate on triceps, waist, chest (push-ups), thighs and legs, abdominals and buns and thighs.
   Buns and thighs are worked in two intense sections: First, the “L,” where an exerciser lies on his or her side, putting both legs out in front to form an L (mine looked more like a V because I couldn’t sustain keeping my legs out straight in front of me the whole time). From this position, the leg is lifted up and back repeatedly – a bun burner!
   The second buns and thighs toner is done against a wall. The legs are bent and put on the wall, with the calves parallel to the floor. From here, the buns are repeatedly lifted off the ground. It’s difficult, too.
   The 30-minute “Power Squeeze” takes aim at the same body parts, but at a much quicker pace and with more intense exercises. An exercise ball is used between the legs when working the thighs and abs, which increases difficulty.
   While the workouts are challenging, Effinger’s personable instructional style helps a person reach past the burn and keep working to a more toned and tight body.

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