Friday, October 1, 2010

Review of Pure Barre

Pure Barre is fitness instructor Carrie Rezabek’s first DVD, named after the exercise technique she created.
   The Pure Barre technique is heavily derived from the Lotte Berk Method, which uses small movements to tighten and tone the body, particularly the thighs, butt and abs.
   It’s a method to which a a person needs to get used. There are no sweeping movements, no leaping, no jumping – just concentrated toning exercises.
   It’s tough and intense.
   I’d recommend the Pure Barre DVD for someone who is looking to lift and tone their butt – the workout really concentrates on that area to the point of ridiculousness! The behind will burn viciously.
   First, the butt is worked from a standing position at a barre (you can use a chair or countertop). Lifting one foot from the ground, first flexed, then pointed, the leg is lifted in a tiny motion. After awhile this gets quite gruelling.
   Next, the work moves to the floor, and facing the ground on hands and knees, the legs are lifted one at a time for further butt exercises.
   The behind exercises are preceded by a series of thigh toning exercises, which are done by keeping the feet together in a V, lifting up on the tippy-toes and doing a series of plies. After a while, my thighs go numb!
   The ab work is the last part of the 45-minute workout before the final stretch, and, as is typical with Lotte Berk abdominal work, it’s hard. The shoulders are lifted off the floor, and the body is kept in this position through a series of very small crunches.
   Rezabek doesn’t remind exercisers much about tucking under their pelvis during the moves.
   But in other Lotte Berk-based DVD workouts I’ve done, there is a constant emphasis on keeping the tuck, holding in the abdominal muscles at all times and keeping good posture.
   I find this seems to make a difference – my ab muscles feel as if they have worked harder if I remember to keep them in and stand tall.
   For other DVDs that use the Lotte Berk Method and more constantly emphasize proper form, see my reviews on the Lotte Berk series of DVDs from Natural Journeys, and Core Fusion: Lean & Toned.

Note: Rezabek doesn’t always remind an exerciser that he or she can stay with the most basic stretch or position, rather than move on to the progressively more difficult variations. Know you can always stay with the first, most basic position. Always go at your own pace and ability.

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