Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review of Get Ripped! with Jari Love: Get Ripped to the Core

Get Ripped! with Jari Love: Get Ripped to the Core occupies a middle ground – it’s somewhere between Love' searlier DVDs that concentrate on training individual muscle groups one at a time and her later DVDs that are comprised of compound movements (using the upper body and the lower body at the same time.)
   It’s kind of like the little bear’s porridge: It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold – it’s just right. It’s nicely paced, too – not too fast and not too slow.
   While I’m a big fan of Slim & Lean and Get Ripped and Chiseled , which train one body part at a time (biceps, triceps, shoulders) and I also like her compound movement DVDs such as Get Extremely Ripped, this is a perfect transition between the two types of workouts.
   For example, on this DVD, there are straightforward muscle-training exercises such as dead lifts and rows, but there are compound exercises, too, such as a squat with an upright row and a side squat with a lateral raise.
   As the title “Get Ripped to the Core” implies, there are some exercises that are geared to working the core muscles – and they’re tough!
   Spider, for example, starts from the top of a push-up position, then a person lowers herself or himself to the ground by bending one elbow at a time and then straightening it. “Up, up, down, down,” is the rhythm. This, along with plank position later on (holding a push-up in the top position), are both core burners.
   Triceps are worked by facing the ground on all fours, then lifting one leg and the opposite arm. Kickbacks are done with the raised arm. The balance challenge works not only the arms, but the core and gluteal muscles as well.
   There are some traditional abdominal exercises at the end of the workout, too.
   The workout requires a set of hand weights or a barbell. Use of a Step platform is optional; I don’t have one and I’m easily able to adapt all the exercises.

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