Friday, October 8, 2010

Review of The Facial Workout

We’re concerned about exercising and toning our arms, legs, and core, but what about our faces?
   It’s a question that the DVD The Facial Workout aims to answer and address.
   Its slogan aptly says: “Because the muscles don’t end at the neck.”
   While I just ordered and started using this DVD earlier this year, I first saw the concept of a facial workout several years ago on an infomercial for some skin product.
   I hadn’t really given the matter much thought again until I started working out regularly.
   I began to enjoy the sensation of my muscles working at full capacity, but started to become aware that my facial muscles craved the same feeling.
   And because I am getting older, I thought it was time to take a step in the facial workout direction to combat sagging later on.
   I ordered this DVD and started using it. The routine was developed by physical trainer Tal Reinharts.
   Now that I’m familiar with the exercises, I do many of them in bed before I go to sleep.
   My facial muscles experience the lovely, refreshed feeling I get after a workout for the rest of the body.
   The DVD wisely points out that in the face, when one muscle sags, it affects all the other areas, so all need to be exercised.
   With that in mind, the workout is divided into sections for forehead, eyes, mouth, cheeks, jaw (which includes the chin) and neck.
   Here are some examples of exercises on the DVD. There are several others.
   Forehead: The eyebrows are lifted as high as possible for a set of slow, then fast, repetitions. Then the index fingers are placed above the brows, and pressed down while the eyebrows are lifted up.
   Eyes: Narrow the eyelids, then open them fully again, for several repetitions.
   Cheeks: Move mouth side to side.
   Chin: Work the tongue muscles by curling the tongue and pressing its bottom on the upper teeth.
   Neck: Uses moves borrowed from eastern dance. With arms raised over the head, the neck is moved forward and back and side to side.

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