Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review of Bob Harper Inside Out Method:
Body Rev Cardio Conditioning

“The trainer you wanted to have is in your house,” proclaims Bob Harper at the start of his DVD Body Rev Cardio Conditioning.
   It’s a statement meant to remind you that you bought the DVD and wanted him put you through the torture ahead.
   This workout, one of three new “Inside Out Method” DVDs from the co-trainer on TV’s The Biggest Loser, is hard, hard, hard.
   Advanced exercisers will be the only ones who will be able to get through the complete 60 minutes of sweat and toil at full-blast effort the first time around.
   I was able to do the entire workout the first time I tried it, but only by doing all the modifications and releasing my energy at moderate levels throughout – I knew I would burn out very quickly if I went full blast at the beginning.
   Even Bob’s crew of two women and a man look like they are in agony at certain points in the workout, and I know they weren’t acting.
   However, you don’t need to do the whole workout the first time, and Bob even tells you this.
   I’m going to be turning to this DVD often, especially when I want to challenge my heart and muscles for a sustained period.
   Body Rev: Cardio Conditioning is Bob’s ode to the heart, which he reminds us pumps every minute from the day we were born to the day we die.
   The workout is a combination of cardio moves and weight work.
   The weight work is comprised of moves such as deadlifts, upright rows and overhead presses.
   At several points during the workout, the hand weights are swung out to the front of the body with the left and right hands, a move that kettlebell workout fans will immediately recognize.
   Then there are the cardio moves, such as jumping jacks, speedskaters, weighted jump rope and tuck jumps.
   Some of the workout gets down to the ground, with push-ups, hand-walks, mountain climbers and side plank raises.
   In addition to the main 60-minute cardio workout, the DVD also has a 24-minute “Butt and Balance” section, with its own warm-up and cooldown.
   This section mainly uses single-leg weighted work to target the glutes and legs.
   This means deadlifts, rows, and lateral raises are done balancing on one leg at a time.

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