Friday, September 17, 2010

Review of Women's Health: The Wedding Workout

Although I’ve been married for more than 10 years, I was curious about the DVD Women's Health: The Wedding Workout.
   What workout would the editors of Woman’s Health magazine deem to be the one a woman could use to burn fat and tone muscle in advance of her big day?
   It’s fair game to think that someone who buys this DVD might be an exercise beginner, or someone who is returning to exercise, and she may have bought the DVD mere weeks, or even days, before her wedding.
   Of course, the introduction on the DVD points out the workout could be used for any big day.
   I was happy to find this DVD fits the bill of a likely buyer. It’s good for beginners or people returning to fitness, yet provides enough of a challenge that it will keep people who have a few weeks to go before the big event coming back as their fitness level improves.
   All the exercises are easy to follow.
   The instructor, Marie Forleo, is sympathetic to the idea that push-ups and ab work can be difficult, and keeps these sections at a level many will be able to accomplish.
   The DVD also has an emphasis on body parts that may concern women before a big event: Core, inner thighs, triceps and glutes.
   The DVD is divided into sections: Warm-up, power cardio, upper body, lower body, abs and core and a cool-down.
   You can customize a workout by mixing and matching the sections, or use the pre-built workouts.
   Pre-built option 1 is the “strapless dress workout,” which, as implies, uses the upper body section of the DVD more often.
   Each day of the week is prescribed certain sections, for example, on Monday, upper body and cardio is set; on Tuesday, it is abs and core.
   Pre-built option 2 is the “short or hip-hugging dress workout,” in which the lower body segment is used more often. Workouts by day of the week are also outlined.
   These options are great for people who want a guide on what to do on which day.
   Others, like me, can put the segments together for a full 50-minute workout.
   The 11-minute power cardio section, which is terrific for a beginner, uses knee-ups, kicks, jumps and some kickboxing.
   The 11-minute upper body section requires dumbbells, and an exerciser does back pulls, shoulder presses, rows, tricep kickbacks and bicep curls. A short and very understanding push-up section is also here.
   The 11-minute lower body section features moves such as standing squats, lunges and piles in different combinations.
   The abs and core section is also practical and sympathetic to those who find such exercises challenging. The section starts with standing ab twists and crunches, then moves to the floor for plank position for the core, and bicycle for the abs.
   A four-minute standing stretch concludes the workout.
   There are a couple of bonus sections on the DVD a future bride may find useful: Love Your Honeymoon, in which Forleo demonstrates how to do a simple striptease, and Walk Gracefully, with tips on how to walk in heels.

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