Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review of Women's Health: Ultimate Fat Burn!

Trainer Amy Dixon promises to “burn a massive amount of calories in short period of time” with her DVD workout Women's Health: Ultimate Fat Burn!
   While I’m certainly on board with that promise, right now I’m liking that the workout seems suitable for a beginner.
   I’m not a fitness expert, of course, but with its easy-to-follow moves that can be modified for different levels, moderate pace and relatively short duration (40 minutes from start to finish), I think this workout presents an opportunity for those who are trying exercise for the first time.
   But that doesn’t mean the workout is easy – it offers plenty of challenge to the heart and muscles. A lot of sweating will be going on!
   The workout is a mix of cardio and compound strength moves (using a set of hand weights and moving the upper and lower body at the same time).
   There are two cardio sets alternated with two strength sets.
   The cardio sets use common moves such as marching, jogging, hops, knee lifts, kicks and jumping jacks.
   The strength sets require light hand weights, and include squats with bicep curls and lunges with rows.
   There was only one small detail I didn’t like about this DVD – the laughter of Dixon’s crew!
   She makes a comment, and the crew members react with laughter and hoots. Rather than being motivating, however, it’s actually distracting – it’s like being in a comedy club rather than working out.
   But it’s a small complaint for this otherwise likeable workout.

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