Friday, September 3, 2010

Review of Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped!

Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped! is one of the fitness instructor's "next generation" of home workout DVDs.
   For example, Get Extremely Ripped, from 2009, is faster paced and combines lower- and upper-body moves which Slim & Lean, from 2007, did not.
   And this time around, there's even a theme: industrial! The "rippers" who work along with Jari wear silver and black workout gear.
   Get Extremely Ripped is a kick-butt workout that will leave you feeling like you really did something afterwards. It's undeniably tough -- 60 minutes of pure sweat and effort.
   But is it better than Jari's "first generation" of DVDs?
   I'm not so sure.
  Slim & Lean, which I reviewed on this blog, works the body from top to bottom, but there is no combining of upper and lower body during moves.
   For example, on Slim & Lean, an entire section was devoted to bicep curls, with the legs standing still. On Get Extremely Ripped, a knee lift accompanies each curl of the biceps.
   While combining upper and lower body moves is arguably more time efficient, only doing one move at a time does allow for better concentration on form, which can result in workout out each muscle more thoroughly.
   On Slim & Lean, there were very short breaks between workout sections. On Get Extremely Ripped, there are no breaks.
   For a beginner, or even an advanced exerciser, for that matter, a small break now and then can be helpful.
   My advice to someone who is interested in trying out Jari Love's Ripped workouts is to take one of her "first generation" workouts for a spin first. These would be dated 2007 and earlier and would not have "Extremely" in the title.
   You'll get a good idea of her exercise philosophy and signature moves.
   Then, ease into one of her Extremely Ripped workouts.
   I was surprised to see on Get Extremely Ripped that some members of Jari's crew actually use a Step during the workout to amp up the work on the lower body. This would be for advanced exercisers!
   Get Extremely Ripped has different workout options. The first is a full 60 minutes, with warmup, main workout, abs and a cooldown stretch.
   However, there are two 30-minute workout options. The first takes moves from the first half of the 60-minute workout while the second takes moves from the second half of the 60-minute workout. There is a warm-up and cooldown stretch with each 30-minute option.
   Dumbbells are used throughout the entire workout.

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