Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Review of Core Fusion Yoga: Energy Flow

Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito, the creators of the Core Fusion exercise program, are back with a new DVD, and this time yoga is the focus.
   The married couple's last five DVDs concentrated on toning the body using the Lotte Berk Method and Pilates, but this time, on Core Fusion Yoga: Energy Flow, they riff on sun salutations. Fred and Liz tack toning moves onto poses such as downward facing dog and warrior.
   Like their other DVDs, this one is tough, but for some reason, I didn't find it as hard as the others.
   I think my body is stronger, and I tried the workout for the first time keeping in mind how hard the others were -- perhaps this was psychological crutch that got me through.
   There was also a thorough warm-up in section one, much better than the ones on the other Core Fusion DVDs, and I always perform better in a workout after a good warm-up.
   But, as can be expected with all Core Fusion DVDs, I did encounter one impossible move. It was contained in section five, the core/gluteal toning section. Using yoga blocks under each hand, Liz, Fred and their crew lift their bodies up off the floor from a sitting position, like an Olympic gymnast would on the rings.
   I didn't bother with this at all, and simply modified the moves with my body on the ground.
   Like the other Core Fusion DVDs, Core Fusion Yoga is divided into five 10-minute sections, which can each be done on their own or as a complete workout. A bonus section, a final stretch and shavasna, rounds out the workout.
   Section one is the warm-up, which has poses such as standing forward bend and cow/cat.
   Section two is Sun Salutations part 1, which contains push-ups leading to upward dog pose; warrior pose then pulsing forward on the front leg; and downward dog then bringing one leg up and down.
   Section three, Sun Salutations part 2, contains more of the same moves as in section two, but side angle poses enter the mix.
   Section four is Chi Gong and Hip Opener Stretches. Here Fred and Liz move exercisers through side-to-side lunges with flowing hands, and balance challenges such as bringing the leg forward and back without it touching the ground. A welcome set of stretches follows.
   No Core Fusion DVD would be complete without core and butt-blasting exercises, and they are found in section five. In this section is the impossible move described above, and then gluteal work from a position facing the ground on all fours, accomplished by lifting up one leg at a time.

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Dori said...

Fantastic review! I also found this DVD more do-able and I get so sweaty during it. A great workout - stretching + strengthening + cardio!