Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review of Gaiam's Cardio Burn Sculpt

Cardio Burn Sculpt from Gaiam is a solid over-all body workout that often looks to balance challenges to exercise different parts of the body.
   For example, one balance challenge is terrific work for the side body. Facing on the ground on all fours, one arm is lifted straight out to the side, while the opposite leg is lifted out to the side and the position is held. The leg is not straight, but bent; the calf muscle is parallel to the body.
   Tanja Djelevic, the workout's creator and leader, warns that this works a muscle of the body that is rarely activated.
   She was right -- the side muscles of my body, from just above my hip to just below my chest, were definitely sore the next day after doing the workout.
   The main 50-minute workout starts with a great warmup, and moves into a cardio session that lasts about 15 minutes. The moves are easy, such as squatting and then sweeping the arms above, and the heart definitely gets pumping.
   The next 20-minute session is muscle conditioning, which concentrates on the core using balance challenges, such as lifting one leg to the front, then moving it to the back while leaning forward; and some arm work.
   While Tanja and her crew don't use weights during the arm work, people who have advanced beyond the beginner stage can certainly add them.
   A challenging abdominal session rounds out the body conditioning, and a good cooldown stretch that borrows moves from yoga, such as downward dog and cobra, concludes the workout.
   The DVD also has an express 30-minute workout that compresses the moves from the 50-minute workout into a shorter time.

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