Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review of Yoga Booty Ballet: Light & Easy and Latin Flavor

Yoga Booty Ballet: Light & Easy / Latin Flavor are two DVDs that let your inner dancer out in your living room.
   And while you dance, your heart is pumping and your body is getting toned.
   I turn to these DVDs when I want to work out, but not for too hard or too long. They are great on those days when a rigorous cardio or toning workout seems like it would be too demanding on me physically and mentally.
   That’s not to say that these DVDs are a piece of cake – they will work up a light sweat and do require some level of concentration.
As Teigh McDonough says during Light & Easy: “It’s light and easy, but we are workin’ it.”
   McDonough leads the workouts along with Gillian Marloth. The two co-created Yoga Booty Ballet (YBB).
   Light & Easy begins with an opening meditation done sitting on the ground. Straightened arms are pumped up and down to “polish the energy field.”
   After a terrific warm-up (all YBB DVDs have great warm-up segments that get you in the mood to work), an approximately 22-minute long dance segment follows.
   Exercisers are encouraged to go “light on their feet and joints” – hence the workout’s title.
   The dance moves, which include step taps and marches, are easy to follow.
   Next is an abdominal toning segment on the floor, done with a squishy ball, but the moves can be done without a ball.
   A stretch concludes the workout.
   Latin Flavor follows the same format as Light & Easy.
   It begins with an opening meditation. The dance section follows, with steps inspired by such dances as salsa and samba, and then the workout moves to the floor, with leg and abdominal toning exercises inspired by Pilates. A stretch finishes things off.

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