Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Review of Leisa Hart: Sexy Arms Upper Body Toning Workout

One of the things that causes me to call a fitness DVD one of my favorites is if it contains something innovative that I’ve never done before.
   That’s the case with the DVD Leisa Hart: Sexy Arms Upper Body Toning Workout, which has a five-minute section called “Sexy Sculpting.”
   Using a towel, pillowcase or scarf, exercisers sweep their way through lateral bends and figure eights with their arms, letting the flow tone their arms.
   It’s a far cry from using dumbbells, and it’s a lot of fun!
   However, Leisa, of the Buns of Steel series, does pick up a resistance band (or dumbbells) for other types of arm work in the DVD’s four sections. All of them, which range in length from five to seven minutes, are fun and effective. Each has a quick warm-up and stretch.
   Although Leisa uses a resistance band with handles on each end, I much prefer using one with no handles. I found it gave me more freedom to create or lessen resistance as I chose.
   The “Strong and Sexy” section uses a lot of arcing motions, that is, pushing the arm forward, then arching it around in a circle back to the original position. There are also traditional moves such as bicep curls, done by stepping on the resistance band and pulling up the ends.
   Bra-Line Smoothing” goes to work on the back muscles, with the majority of the work centered around row movements, with one hand resting on a chair and one leg forward.
   “Chest Pick-Me Up” starts with push-ups with arms on a chair, and moves to tricep dips, with an exerciser’s back facing the chair and the arms moving up and down to making the ‘dipping’ motion.
   Although I like all of these sections, one of my favorite parts on the DVD is hiding in the special features, and it’s an intense stretch.
   Approximately five minutes long, this section has exercisers use a resistance band to stretch the chest, back and arms completely. I like to use it after I’ve done a workout that uses the upper body a lot.
   There’s just one thing I would change about this DVD, and that’s Leisa’s pace. It’s quick, and sometimes a person needs time to learn the moves! Even some of the women who follow Leisa on the DVD look confused at times.
   However, after doing the DVD a few times, the moves fell into place.

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