Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Review of Self: Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast

Self - Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast has a section specifically labelled “cardio.”
   That’s a puzzler, because the entire 55-minute routine, though geared toward slimming and toning the legs, is a rip-roaring cardio workout.
   Instructor Violet Zaki takes the exerciser through a series of squats, lunges, plies and kicks in creative combinations, and the heart rate soars.
   After a warm-up comes a section labelled “legs.”
   There are some neat moves here, such as a dead lift by raising one leg and reaching the opposite arm to the ground, then returning to a standing position and changing sides; and plie squats, then dragging a leg back in to a standing position to work the inner thighs.
   Zaki’s martial arts background is evident, too, as many of the moves involve strong forward kicks. One challenger is doing a reverse lunge, then lifting the leg up with a kick.
   The aforementioned “cardio” section increases the pace a bit, with jumping jacks and rapid leg kicks.
   The “legs with weights” section adds some dumbbells to the mix and involves the upper body much more.
   In this section are moves such as deep plie squats with bicep curls, reverse lunges with shoulder lifts and tricep lifts with side leg lifts.
   The workout moves to the mat with the “floor work” section. On the hands and knees and facing the floor, Zaki leads such challenging moves as lifting one arm up and the opposite leg, which challenges the core; and bent and straight leg lifts.
   A thorough stretch concludes this challenging workout.

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