Friday, August 20, 2010

Review of Get Ripped! with Jari Love: Slim & Lean

Get Ripped! with Jari Love: Slim & Lean is tough, and leaves no body part unturned.
   This DVD has quickly become one of my new faves. I've seen an improvement in tone with my arms and butt since I started using it.
   Jari Love (whom I was pleasantly surprised to find is a fellow Canadian) has designed a no-nonsense sculpting workout that gets into the legs, arms and core with nine five-minute sections.
   Each of the section has a high number of repetitions, which Love says prevents bulk and promotes lean muscle mass.
   In fact, it’s a little astonishing how high the number of repetitions are. The number is listed at the start of each section.
   The first section, squats, for example, has 76 reps plus pulsing.
   The number can be a little off-putting at first, but after getting through a section, knowing how many reps you did leads to an immense sense of accomplishment.
   Dumbbells or barbells are used all the way through the workout, except the abs and concluding stretch. Weights are even used in the warm-up.
   With the challenging exercises accompanied by weights, this workout has the exerciser sweating buckets all the way through.
   The weight loads used by Love and the three other people helping her lead the workout are amazing. How much they are using is also listed at the beginning of each section.
   I ignore these numbers and use only what I can. Love says as long as you feel the burn in your muscles, the weight load is appropriate.
   Each five-minute section has variations on one core movement. They are: squats, lunges, chest presses, dead lifts with rows, push-ups, tricep lifts, biceps curls, one-legged squats, overhead presses and abdominal crunches.
   If each move is done properly, the core muscles will work constantly through the whole routine.
   I recommend this DVD to those looking for a toning challenge that builds up a good sweat.

Note: Jari Love and the people accompanying her during the workout use a Step platform for some of the exercises. I don't have one, but I easily adapted those exercises to the floor.

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