Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review of The Firm: Tight Buns & Killer Legs

Instructor Kelsie Daniels leads an efficient 30-minute workout that gets the heart pumping and the butt working with The Firm - Tight Buns & Killer Legs.
   Like many of The Firm’s workouts, it is fast-paced, but not hard to follow.
   Armed with a set of dumbbells, Daniels uses a series of squats and lunges combined with kicks and lifts in an effort to tone the glutes, hamstrings and thighs. In between these weighted sets are spurts of pure cardio.
   One of the women who leads the DVD with Daniels demonstrates beginner versions of all the moves, and does them without weights.
   After an effective warm-up, the workout begins with curtsy lunges. Just as the name implies, one leg is sent back at a diagonal, rather than straight behind.
   Soon a knee lift, then a leg extension to the front, are added to the curtsy lunges.
   Later strength moves include a squat with toes pointed outward, then moving into a standing position and lifting one leg to the side; and dead lifts, which is leaning forward with weights in both hands, then lifting up the leg to be in line with the back.
   The cardio sections which alternate with the weighted work are tough. First there are high knees – bringing the knees up one at a time in a running motion; then hamstring curls; and finally, jumping jacks – but on the ground. In a pushup position, the legs are pushed out and in with a slight jumping motion.
   A cooldown and stretch concludes the routine.
   Those looking for a lower-body workout that is not extremely intense, but which has a good bit of sweating involved, will find it with this DVD.

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