Friday, July 2, 2010

Review of Yoga Booty Ballet:
Total Toning Basics and Advanced Fat Burning

Yoga Booty Ballet, the workout created and taught by Gillian Marloth and Teith McDonough that combines dance, ballet and yoga, is one of my all-time favourite ways to exercise.
   It wasn’t always this way. There were many things I had to get used to about Yoga Booty Ballet (YBB), but now I absolutely love them.
   The first is working out barefoot.
   I was actually kind of shocked by this when I did my first YBB workout. I had not yet tried yoga, and was still in the mindset that one must wear proper shoes for exercise.
   That went all out the window after a couple of YBB workouts. Now I love working out barefoot, and often crave it. (You can do YBB with shoes if you are uncomfortable working out barefoot.)
   The second thing is the importance of meditation before and after some types of exercise. Not all types, mind you – I’m not in the mood to meditate before a workout if I’ve chosen a high-energy cardio one.
   But an opening and closing meditation before and after YBB workouts (and yoga workouts) is just perfect. You take a few minutes to focus your mind and your breath and on the time ahead.
   Today I’m going to write about the DVD that got me started with YBB: Total Toning Basics and Advanced Fat Burning, the one I believe was first available on the market.
   This DVD has three main portions – Rehearsal and Guided Meditation, where the moves in YBB are explained and demonstrated; Total Toning Basics, an introductory YBB workout, and Advanced Fat-Burning, a workout in which the cardio, ballet and yoga sections are amped up.
   Total Toning Basics begins with an opening meditation and good warmup. Then the other sections follow: ballet; cardio, which uses weights; yoga moves, including upward and downward dogs; abdominals, using a small ball or towel, then a stretch and an end meditation. All told, it’s about 45 minutes long.
   Advanced Fat Burning, the workout I now use most often from this DVD, again starts with an opening meditation and warmup. A fun cardio dance section that lasts just over 20 minutes follows.
   Then there’s the part that gets the butt and legs burning: the ballet section.
   The first part of the ballet section concentrates on the butt, with a series of leg lifts with the toe turned in. It seems like this part will never end, and that your butt will never feel normal again.
   But Gillian and Teigh soon move onto some stretches, then pick up the pace again with “the circuit,” a series of leg lifts to the front, side and back.
   It’s a serious toning workout.
   A Hatha yoga section follows, which has challenging positions including pigeon. This section taught me never to push myself to far in yoga stretches! Be respectful of your body and do what you can.
   The workout concludes with some resting poses and an end meditation.

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