Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review of Shiva Rea - Flow Yoga for Beginners

The DVD that got me thinking deliberately about yoga poses is Shiva Rea - Flow Yoga for Beginners.
   I did several yoga sessions at home before I tried this DVD. Because of this workout’s slower pace, I was able to consciously think about what each part of my body was doing in each pose.
   And I was able to keep up properly with each move – a nice feeling.
   I’d recommend this DVD to a yoga beginner like me.
   It’s divided into four sections, which can be done individually or as an entire workout. Done together, the workout takes about an hour and 10 minutes to complete.
   The first section is foundation flow, where Shiva teaches the concept of ujjayi breathing. The breathing, and the accompanying poses, fills my body with relaxed energy.
   However, I was surprised about one aspect of this section -- the presence of plank pose so early in a workout that’s supposed to be for beginners.
   Plank pose is essentially holding a push-up in the top position on one’s knees or feet. It’s quite difficult for someone who has never encountered it before. Shiva encourages you, while you’re in the pose, to feel your sacred strength – but I think you’d be excused for mistaking that for pain!
   If you try this DVD, and have not been doing any push-ups in any other workouts, take heart: the plank position is the hardest pose during the entire routine.
   Beginner’s backbend flow is the second section, and it features lunges on knees, half-splits, cobra and bow pose.
   The next section is the relaxing flexibility flow. It’s the shortest section at about 10 minutes, and it features stretches for the glutes and hamstrings. I’ve used this section as the concluding stretch for other workouts.
   The beginner’s standing pose flow, the last and longest section, revolves around warrior poses.
   The workout concludes with shavasana, or deep relaxation.
With this DVD, I always emerge from shavasana with a sense of accomplishment that I have done something great for my body.

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