Friday, July 23, 2010

Review of Shape: Ultimate Bikini Body Workout

New York City-trainer Dominique Hall gets the body worked from top to bottom in just 30 minutes on the DVD called Shape: Ultimate Bikini Body Workout.
   Hall has a technique of combining upper- and lower- body exercises to make each move as efficient as possible.
   For example, near the beginning of the workout, she does side squats, holding dumbbells facing toward her at her chin. Soon she adds in a knee lift before each squat.
   The idea? To work “on that six-pack along with those legs,” Hall explains.
   Another great move is when she stays suspended in a forward squat, and, holding one dumbbell vertically in both hands, she twists from side to side.
   The strength moves such as these are interspersed with cardio spurts that feature moves like jumping jacks, alternating “cross-country” leg scissors and football drills.
   The strength moves also include some floor work such as “Spider-Man pushups,” which is moving one foot forward at a time while the body is at the top of a push-up, and the prone-saw lift, which is holding the body at the top of a push-up and lifting a dumbbell up from the ground, one arm at a time.
   Sounds tough, doesn’t it? It is, because the workout gets a lot done in just 30 minutes.
   But that certainly doesn’t mean it’s impossible. One of the women who accompanies Hall on the DVD modifies the moves to the most basic variations, suitable for beginners.
   There are three 10-minute segments on the DVD as well. They can be tacked onto the main 30-minute workout, or stand alone as mini-workouts on their own, as each have a short warm-up and cooldown.
   The sections are abs/core, butt/legs and a bonus cardio workout.

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