Friday, July 30, 2010

Review of Results Fitness: Boost Your Metabolism

The aim of Results Fitness: Boost Your Metabolism, explains instructor Tracey Staehle, is to increase muscle mass to help boost metabolism and get the body burning fat more efficiently.
   Who doesn’t want that?
   Staehle, a personable instructor, uses a combination of strength training and cardio to achieve the goal of boosting metabolism.
   Although this 50-minute workout does eventually reach a mat on the ground, there’s no direct abdominal work, a big bonus for those who hate crunches and sit-ups!
   Rather, Staehle encourages constant use of the core muscles with exercises that require balance.
   The first 35 minutes of the workout starts with a warm-up and then progresses to the alternations between easy-to-follow strength and cardio moves. Staehle uses light and heavier dumbbells.
   An example of a strength move is doing a row with the arms while doing a forward squat with the legs, while a cardio move is shuffling side to side and doing a punch at each end of the shuffle.
   The last 15 minutes of the workout include leg lifts in an upward position with the help of a chair, floor work with moves such as shoulder presses and push-ups, and a final stretch.
   Staehle shows different levels for each exercise, starting with level one for beginners and progressing upwards in difficulty.

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