Friday, July 9, 2010

Review of Personal Training With Jackie:
Power Circuit Training

Beverly Hills trainer Jackie Warner shows that good things come in threes on her DVD, Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training.
   On the DVD, Warner takes the follower on a workout that methodically goes from bottom to top, starting with the quads and ending with the obliques.
   Each segment of the workout, which concentrates on a different body part, has three exercises, which are done for one minute each. Then, in the power burn section, the three exercises are repeated in the same order for one minute. Each segment, then, lasts four minutes.
   For example, the quad workout section is comprised of “sissy squats,” then a much harder motion of starting from an upright position, putting one knee down on the floor at a time then rising again, and then forward lunge squats. The three are then repeated in quicker succession.
   The body parts worked are quads, hamstrings, glutes, triceps, biceps, chest, back, lower abs, upper abs and obliques.
   I found the lower and upper ab sections to be the most difficult. I could really feel those parts working and burning.
   I liked the power burn sections best. They seemed less difficult because each exercise was done with fewer repetitions.
   I think Jackie has accomplished what she set out to do: Work all the major body parts in a compact, 40-minute session. It’s tough, but it get things done.
   It’s a strange sensation: Although the time goes by quickly, this workout doesn’t feel rushed. And all the moves are very easy to follow, so there’s no time wasted learning a complicated routine.
   There’s a warm-up at the beginning of the workout, but it’s not very long. Some may feel they need to move around a bit more before the hard stuff starts.
   The main workout on the DVD is the 40-minute session, but there are also four 15-minute workouts to choose from, all which reprise moves used in the main workout. They are 15-minute total body, abs only, and upper and lower body.

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