Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review of The Lotte Berk Method continued

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The next DVD is Burn Fat Now: Muscle Eats Fat, which has a lower-body section done at a barre or chair.
   The upper body section on Burn Fat Now is one I turn to again and again. I’ve never lifted dumbbells quite this way – standing and bending the knees and tucking the hips forward and the abdominals in while the bicep curls and other moves are performed. It works not only the arms, but the back and core as well.
   High Round Assets, as one would guess, works on the much-maligned butt area, continuing moves learned in Basic Essentials but increasing the number of repetitions greatly.
   High Round Assets starts with a warm-up which, rather surprisingly for a routine that targets the lower body, includes some push-ups and tricep dips.
   Then comes the butt work, done against a chair, wall or barre. The work is comprised of small leg lifts, with a straight leg and then bent, and then small leg lifts with the upper body parallel to the floor. The glutes beg for mercy!
   The workout then goes to the floor for back dancing, which is done lying on one’s back and repeatedly lifting up the hips into a tuck.
   Hip Hugger Abs, a DVD I do often, is a really tough abdominals routine that starts with holding the upper body off the ground, then one arm at a time, then both, up in the air. Next is lifting the legs up and down one at a time with the upper body still lifted.
   Lotte Berk abdominal curls follow, and then comes the plank position, which is like holding a push-up in one position, but in this case resting on the elbows.
   Each of the four DVDs I wrote about above have a bonus section – a 10-minute advanced workout continuing to work the part of the body targeted by the DVD.
   These bonus “body blasts” are very tough, geared toward the advanced exerciser or someone who feels they need to take their Lotte Berk Method workout to the next level.

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