Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review of The Firm: Core Solutions

The Firm - Core Solutions is a DVD that, as its title implies, focuses on the core muscles.
   Even though the muscles of your abs and back are working in each of the three 10-minute segments on the DVD, it isn’t torturous.
   The Firm Master Instructor Alison Davis leads the workout, which uses movements of the arms and legs to work the core, thus distracting a user from the possibility of burning abs!
   The segments can be done with dumbbell weights or without, and one of the women helping to lead the workout shows beginner versions of all the moves.
   The 10-minute segments, which can stand alone or be put together for one continuous workout, are Standing Abs, Functional Core and Classic Abs.
   Standing Abs gets to your core without getting on a mat.
   Moves in this section include bringing the knee up on one side and twisting toward it with one weight in both hands, and reaching up and over on one side of the body with a weight, then down and over on the other.
   Functional Core moves to the mat, but the crunches don’t come quite yet.
   In this section are such moves as the walking plank (in a push-up position on knees or toes, walking forward on the elbows and then twisting to one side and the other) and seated twists (seated on the ground with knees bent and leaning back slightly, rotating from side to side with a hand on either side of a dumbbell.)
   In the Classic Abs section we find old-school exercises such as crunches, situps and curlups.
   But there are other moves here, including facing the ground on all fours and extending a leg and arm out on opposite sides of the body. The balance challenge works the core.
   Exercisers looking to find a way to work their core continuously for a longer period of time will find it on The Firm’s Core Solutions.

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