Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review of Trudie Styler's Sculpt and Tone Ballet

I’ve always had a fantasy of being a ballet dancer – long and sleek, fit as a fiddle, and graceful, graceful, graceful.
   I’m using a fitness DVD these days, Trudie Styler's Sculpt & Tone Ballet, that’s helping me channel that fantasy into temporary reality – and getting a workout with it.
   This DVD doesn’t teach you how to do Swan Lake.
   Rather, it’s a workout at a ballet barre – or for me and probably most other people who use this DVD, or a couple of chairs.
   Plie, releve, tendu, arabesque, a la seconde, fondu, and port de bras are among the ballet positions and moves featured in the 25-minute workout. (I learned most of these terms just from the DVD!)
The routine has a reasonable pace, allowing me to do the moves properly, and there’s many graceful stretches in between the harder positions.
   However, it’s not a cakewalk – I do sweat!
   The workout has benefitted my legs the most. Since I’ve been doing it, I’d like to think my calves and thighs have become more muscular – but not bulky, sleeker.
   James D’Silva, Trudie Styler’s personal trainer, designed the workout. The two lead it together in a lovely room inside the Italian villa owned by Styler and her husband, Sting.
   D’Silva narrates the action in a voiceover, so he and Styler don’t speak during the workout. I found this a little off-putting only for a few minutes the first time I did it, but I soon got used to, and eventually enjoyed, his soothing voice.
   This is one of four Trudie Styler workout DVDs from Gaiam that I currently own and often use.
   Another is Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates (click here for the blog post.)

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