Monday, June 14, 2010

The 108 push-up yoga workout - Shiva Rea: Creative Core and Upper Body

Shiva Rea: Creative Core and Upper Body has 108 push-ups to follow.
   Blink your eyes and look again.
   You read it right – 108 push-ups.
   It sounds like pure insanity, doesn’t it?
   Yoga goddess Shiva Rea, who designed and leads the workout, would likely not look at it as something that induces hardship or pain. Rather, she says following it is way to “harness sacred energy.”
   Here’s what I know: Despite the fact it is challenging, it’s a surprisingly addictive DVD, and it will put you on the way to a better upper body.
   And you don’t have to do all the push-ups in each set (there are nine sets of 12). Rea encourages you to do them at your own pace.
   There are also yoga poses between each set, which, despite having their own challenges, do provide a break.
   I can do 72 push-ups during the workout – nine sets of eight, on my knees.
   I have to admit, however, that when I first ordered this DVD I had to set it aside because I wasn’t able to put in complete sets.
   I knew I needed to develop my upper body a bit better and get it used to the push-up motion first – and luckily another DVD I owned helped me do that.
   The upper body core segment on Core Fusion: Pilates Plus was the lifesaver. (Click here to read more about another Core Fusion DVD I own, Lean and Toned.)
   The segment includes holding the body in the plank position (really, a push-up kept in the upright position for an extended length of time) on your knees, arms, or elbows.
   Then there’s a few push-ups to get you going in that direction.
   Once I’d done this Core Fusion segment a few times, I was ready to tackle Shiva Rea’s Upper Body DVD again.
   To my delight, I was able to do nine complete sets of eight push-ups on my first try back.
   And now I love Shiva Rea’s DVD of yoga-interrupted push-ups. It’s a terrific challenge, and a great confidence booster when you can get through it.
   Like all of Rea’s DVDs, it has terrific production values. It was filmed on location in Hawaii, and the music is great – both aspects of the DVD I find motivating.

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