Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review of Shape: Get Lean in 4 Weeks

Shape: Get Lean in 4 Weeks is a sensible workout on DVD designed and led by trainer Yumi Lee.
   It's divided into four segments: three 20-minute workouts that can each stand alone or be mixed and matched, and a 15-minute ab toner.
   I personally do two of the segments regularly.
   The first is the “20-Minute Fat-Burning Routine,” a kickboxing cardio workout. It’s easy to follow, and if you follow Yumi’s tips on how to lift your legs properly, you’ll get your abs working through the whole routine.
   And it’s effective – it gets the heart pumping.
   The second part I use is the “20-Minute Metabolism Boost” which mixes cardio intervals with strength training. Light dumbbells are used during many of the strength moves (although push-ups are found here, too).
   Like the Fat-Burning Routine, Metabolism Boost is also easy to follow and gets the heart going.
   The last two segments on the DVD are the “20-Minute Total-Body Interval Sculpting Workout,” a toning routine using light dumbbells, and the 15-Minute Ab Toner.
   I have several Shape magazine exercise DVDs, and find that in general they are all like Get Lean in 4 Weeks: Easy to follow, and suitable for beginners to advanced exercisers as different versions of exercises are shown.
   Because this DVD, and many of the others from Shape, are divided into segments that are 20 minutes or less, it allows people to tackle fitness in smaller increments – advantageous for a beginner, or those short on time.
   Another Shape DVD I currently use that I wrote about on this blog is Shape: Best Ever Hollywood Workout, hosted by Gunnar Peterson. (Click here to read about it.)

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