Saturday, June 12, 2010

Review of Shape: Best Ever Hollywood Workout with Gunnar Peterson

Trainer Gunnar Peterson, billed in one description as a "fitness guru behind Hollywood A-listers and professional athletes," and creator of the Core Secrets fitness program, has teamed up with Shape magazine to put out a DVD called Shape: Best-Ever Hollywood Workout.
   I use this DVD, but only one section: the 20-minute Power Burn, which I like to think gives my metabolism a good swift kick in the butt when I do it in the morning.
   This section uses a combination of squats, ab curls, push-ups and arm lifts with dumbbells to give a quick once-over of the body.
   My favourite move is the woodchop, where one dumbbell, held on either side with both hands, is moved from the top of one side of the body above the shoulders to near the bottom of the other side, the knees. (It's a twisting motion.)
   Some of the reviews on Amazon point out there is no cardio on the DVD, and I would say that's true to the extent there is no section entirely devoted to it, but the Power Burn section does get my heart rate up and the sweat going.
   The other sections on the DVD are a 20-minute "total body toning," a 10-minute "amazing arms" and a 10-minute "lower body blast."

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