Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review of Marisa Tomei Core & Curves

Marisa Tomei: Core & Curves is a demanding toning workout that has quickly become one of my favourites.
   Key Son, billed on the DVD cover as one of Hollywood's hottest trainers, designed the workout and describes the moves as Marisa does them.
   The mellow, jazzy music that accompanies the DVD's three routines is deceptive -- this workout is anything but mellow!
   I found the routines especially demanding on the glutes and legs -- my butt really felt the work. It also contains a move that is the best triceps exercise I've ever done.
   The secret is a small circular resistance band that goes around the ankles or wrists in many of the moves. It's included with the DVD.
   When prancing and walking about with the band on, the legs and butt are worked. When put around the wrists while lying on the ground, and the arms lowered to the ground and up to the knees, the band provides an astonishingly effective triceps toner.
   And then there's the abs -- the band goes around the ankles, the legs are lifted straight overhead, and crunches are done. The legs, pressing out against the the band, are stabilized and thus make this section quite difficult. Then the legs are lifted and lowered to the ground with the band on -- ouch.
   The DVD is divided into three routines. The longest, at 20 minutes, is called body definition, and goes through a series of moves designed to work the body from top to bottom. The second is the "best legs workout," 15 minutes long, and the third, "ten moves in ten," is what it says - 10 moves to work the body when you're short on time.
   Mix and match or tack them on to a full-scale cardio workout.

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