Sunday, June 20, 2010

Review of Leandro Carvalho's Brazil Butt Lift

Leandro Carvalho, creator of the Brazil Butt Lift workout, guarantees “your butt will change” if you use his DVDs.
   His guarantee appears on the level. Your butt does lift.
   But here’s the thing: you’ll not only see your butt change, there will be other parts of your body that will change as well.
   I saw changes in my back and arms, as many of the moves in workouts call for you to keep your arms raised above your head.
   The DVDs I am writing about today come from the basic Brazil Butt Lift package, currently available from and (Beachbody, the producer of these DVDs, also offers a Brazil Butt Lift “Maximum Results System” on its website.)
   From the basic package of DVDs, I regularly use three of the workouts: Bum Bum, Bum Bum Rapido and Cardio Axe.
   Carvalho’s signature workout is “Bum Bum” (pronounced boom-boom; it’s Brazilian slang for butt), a fast-paced, intense cardio workout that lasts for about 30 minutes.
   This is tough stuff. Squats and lunges in different varieties and patterns, with spurts of dance moves in between, comprise the workout.
   Forget about leaving your arms by your sides – they are constantly engaged, with Leandro, encouraging you (sometimes in Portuguese!) to keep them up high in the air, your chest lifted.
   Sweat will be pouring down by the time the workout is done.
   There’s only one thing I wish were longer: the warm-up. At about one minute 30 seconds, it’s far too short, especially considering the intensity of the following workout.
   I usually warm up a little more on my own before I start the workout, with leg and arm lifts and some light leg stretches.
   Bum Bum Rapido, a shorter version of the workout which is equally as intense as Bum Bum, has a much better warm-up, which then moves into more butt-blasting squats and lunges.
   Cardio Axe is a fun dance workout with samba patterns at its core. It’s less intense than the Bum Bum workouts, but it still gets the heart pumping.
   Like the other Beachbody series of fitness DVDs (Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs), Brazil Butt Lift aims to adequately cover both sides of a well-balanced workout regimen: cardio and sculpting.
   With that in mind, the other workouts in the basic Brazil Butt lift package are High and Tight, which uses a resistance band and ankle weights to further concentrate on lifting the butt; Sculpt, a tip-to-toe sculpting workout and Tummy Tuck, a 15-minute abdominal workout.
   There is also a Basics segment that takes you step-by-step through many of the moves used on the DVDs.

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screwdestiny said...

I love Brazil Butt Lift! I'm currently doing it and talking about my experience with it on my blog in detail. :D Your review was good, but I wouldn't suggest buying Beachbody products on Amazon. Beachbody doesn't authorize for them to be sold there, so they often don't include all the things that come with the program.