Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review of Kim Kardashian Fit in Your Jeans by Friday Amazing Abs Body Sculpt

One of the best upper body workout I've ever done is Kim Kardashian: Fit In Your Jeans by Friday: Amazing Abs Body Sculpt.
   The first time I did it, my arms and sides ached for days afterwards. It's tough.
   I'd recommend it to anyone looking up to tone up their arms and back. I credit this DVD with helping to bring out muscle definition in my upper back.
   The trainer who designed the workout, Jennifer Galardi, leads the workout along with Kim.
   The first section is a good upper body warmup.
   The second uses dumbbells and a series of arm lifts for most of it. It's hard -- the sweat is pouring down by the time I finish this part, especially the end, which is a series of side planks.
   The third is a cardio section, but still with emphasis on the upper body and abs. Stair runners, done with arms on a Step or the ground and legs pumping in a running-like motion on the ground is just one of the challenging moves here.
   A final stretch follows, and there is also a bonus ab blast.

Note: Kim and Jennifer use a Step platform in the second half of this DVD. I don't have one, and easily modified the moves on the floor.

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