Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review of Kari Anderson: Reach

One of my new favourite workout DVDs is Kari Anderson: Reach - Upbeat Toning & Flexibility for a Dancer's Body.
   The DVD has won awards for the innovative workout it presents, which borrows from ballet, Pilates and yoga.
   The first section is a ballet dance-style cardio workout, with plies and leg lifts that makes you feel like an elegant dancer while simultaneously getting the heart rate up and the sweat pouring down. This is the part I find myself doing at least once a week, when I feel like getting cardio without sneakers.
   The second section is a kick-butt toning routine,
done on the floor. Included are a several plank and side plank moves with arm and leg lifts, great for the upper body, and Pilates-style abdominals and leg work.
   The last section is a relaxing stretch, which allows your mind to absorb the hard work you've just done.

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