Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The DVDs that taught me how to stretch

This time of year, after working out inside with one of my fitness DVDs, I like to stretch outside, taking in the fresh air and the sounds of summer around me.
   I love a good stretch after a workout – it’s a reward for all the hard work.
   How did I learn how to stretch?
   With DVDs, of course!
   The following DVDs have excellent stretch routines, which I follow individually inside when the weather is cold.
   When the weather is warm and I take things outside, I mix and match stretch poses from them all.
- Perfect in Ten: Stretch, lead by professional dancer and Pilates teacher Annette Fletcher, is an excellent DVD for those looking for a sensible stretch routine. There are five 10-minute sections of different types of stretching for upper body, back and hips; legs; sedentary lifestyle relief; sports stretch and intense stretch. I use the first two sections for upper body, back, hips and legs, and find they target all the spots I want to stretch: arms, hamstrings, glutes, core and calves.
- Lunar Flow Yoga, lead by yoga master Shiva Rea, has a forward bends and twists section that I absolutely love to follow after a workout that has targeted my legs and glutes. With yoga poses such as the double pigeon, seated twists and bound angle pose, all done at a relaxing pace, this routine puts me in a calm sense of mind after a workout.
   (I wrote about another one of Shiva Rea’s DVDs, Creative Core and Upper Body. Click here to see the post).
- The Exhale: Core Fusion series of DVDs all have excellent stretch routines. For example,  Exhale: Core Fusion - Pilates Plus has one that’s excellent for stretching the core after abdominal work, while Abs and Arms has a routine perfect for stretching the upper body and hips.
   (I wrote about Core Fusion’s Lean and Toned DVD on this blog. Click here to see the post).

Perfect in Ten: Stretch at amazon.ca
Shiva Rea: Lunar Flow Yoga at amazon.ca

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